Birks Family Lifestyle shoot | Norfolk & Norwich Lifestyle Photography



It’s another huge family gathering! Yup, a photo session at the lovely Heacham Manor Hotel.  Having shot a Wedding here earlier in the year I knew how great the grounds were for some skull-duggery…oh yes, with around ten, yes TEN kids, I knew it was going to be a riot!

A 21-strong posse from all parts of the UK, and almost half of those of kids 8 years old and under, uhuh…I know what you’re thinking….how do you get them all to stand still while you take the photos?  That’s the thing.  You don’t!  Cue races, chasing ducks, ring-a-roses and a few tears and you’re kind of getting there.  These sessions are all different and I just go with it, no point in trying to control it as you end up with shots of people who look like they’d rather be doing something else, like throwing sticks in the pond or climbing trees…so they did….and so did the kids.  I almost joined in myself!

I’m still amazed kids love to hear someone make fart noises with hands and other limbs.  I just can’t help myself.  I’ll teach my kids my unnatural skill sometime.

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