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Hayley – Holkham Beach – Equine Photography

Following hot on the hooves (see what I did there?) of the shoot with Paula, her friend and their fine fillies, I was contacted by Hayley.  Seems that she and her buddies, Hannah, Laura and Jasmine, wanted to come up from Bedford and take their horses for a good old race along the beach.  Not too far from Holme, where the previous shoot was carried out (see all of that session just here >>> Holme Equine Shoot), Hayley and the girls had chosen Holkham.  Now this is a truly magical place, where the beach seems to go on forever.  Miles and miles and miles of sand, beautiful dunes and pine woodland nearby, utter bliss for a day out with the family, or a large four-legged friend!

It’s a heck of a walk out to the surf, but Hannah was kind enough to let me ride on her fine steed, he goes by the name of Cruise.  A little bumpy, but sure better than walking with all my kit for the best part of half a mile.  We soon found a great starting spot, a canter through a massive warm pool of sea water further up the beach.  With these sessions I always try to make sure everyone has a fair crack at galloping along at full throttle, if they want, or cantering through the water’s edge.  It gives a whole different feel to the session and the horses love it too.  The quick canter through this rather large puddle got the horses in the mood and got all the girls rather soaked.  And that wasn’t the end of the soaking….there was surely more to come!

Hayley and the girls were well up for some serious galloping along the beach, in fact Laura’s horse was turbo powered I’m sure.  She made short work of this massive beach run,absolutely amazing to watch.  These horses are so graceful and powerful that it seems right to show the different sides to their personality, some shots of them gently trotting through some warm pools of water left over from the higher tide, some galloping action and, of course, some backlit shots of these creatures with the summer sun behind them.  The horses, and the girls, were pretty drenched by the end of the session, but I’m pretty sure the girls enjoyed their time in Holkham and in Norfolk overall.

So here’s a small sample of the session, I hope you enjoy them.

I can’t wait to shoot another one of these sessions.  So if you’re thinking about having one, don’t……just book it, you will have the best time ever!

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