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Well….where do I start?  This was an awesome day…non-stop, but I’ll get to that later, so here goes..

I first met Kathryn at a wedding show 18 months previous, at that time she was soooo excited at the prospect of getting married and even more excited about having some wedding photos on the nearby beach….and that excitement never faded!  Fast forward to May 18th.  I arrive at Heacham Manor, a beautiful hotel tucked away down a quiet lane, to one VERY excited bride-to-be surrounded by her bridesmaids, who were equally excited. Kathryn looked amazing as she slipped into her dress, with final touches to hair taking place but then I had the nod to head out in a hurry to catch the groom’s arrival.

Hang on a minute, usually the brides’s arrival is the one to watch…right?  Well, usually yes….bit this time things are a bit different, because Matt was arriving by helicopter.

Everyone flocked to the lawn overlooking the nearby golf course to await his arrival.  In swept the helicopter setting down next the golf course, Matt was grinning so much and was clearly loving every second of what was an incredible experience.  We managed to get a couple of shots of Matt with his best man before everyone huddled in to greet Matt.  All the time Kathryn was watching with her bridesmaids covertly from a window over looking the whole event.

I then headed back into the hotel as the guests started to move into the conservatory where the ceremony was to take place.  The ceremony was everything you could have wanted…emotional and filled with laughter.  After the ceremony and some group shots we headed to the nearby beach at North Hunstanton.  It wasn’t the warmest day, but the rain held off and so with a few light clouds overhead the light was even and soft…perfect!  There’s no stage direction with these shots as Kathryn & Matt were so relaxed and into the moment that I just photographed what I saw, it was a real pleasure to hang out with these guys as they were enjoying every moment.

Once we’d had some time at the beach we headed back to the hotel as the band where about to strike up.  Not just any band, but a Ska band, fantastic music and performance, and a darn good reason to get their first dance in….first!  In fact the main reason Kathryn & Matt were so keen to get back was because they were going straight into the first dance before doing anything else, a slight change to the norm.  And, as you can see from the pictures, Matt was a slick mover on the floor…no-one got close to busting the same moves. Kathryn was no slouch either, but she was also at home in the role of DJ as she took control of the decks once the disco kicked in later.

And so, 13 hours after I turned up, it was time to leave for home. A fistful of memory cards brimming with great pictures and one tired photographer ready for bed.


M x

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