Watlin Family – Lifestyle Photography Mundesley, Norfolk

Lifestyle Photography - Mundesley, Norfolk 05A gathering of family who hardly ever see each other, from across the world.  The kind of thing you hear about right?  But getting to be there to record a 50th Wedding Anniversary on top, well, to say it was a magical occasion really doesn’t sum it up.

I’m increasingly being asked to cover these types of family get togethers along the coast in North Norfolk, and I love them.  Where else would you find a BMX-ing uncle flying over the handle bars, a skateboarding Auntie and a grandad who was diving for every goal during the family football match.  Flipping epic!  And to top it off I was asked to stay on as their guest .  This is what Lifestyle Photography is ALL about, a real slice of life!  I had a brilliant time and didn’t consider it work at all.  Photography is about capturing moments, and there were moments by the shedload at this family gathering.  A clifftop house, a fantastic sunny day and a bunch of people I’d be hang around with all day.  Who wouldn’t enjoy all that?

Lifestyle Photography - Mundesley, Norfolk 04Lifestyle Photography - Mundesley, Norfolk 03Lifestyle Photography - Mundesley, Norfolk 02Lifestyle Photography - Mundesley, Norfolk 01


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