Weddings and Marriage – the revolution continues

A massive thanks to The Wedding Secret for providing such a valuable insight into Marriage and some useful info on the types of weddings which have grown more in popularity.

I have to say I was amazed that we, as a society. have changed so much in our attitudes towards marriage, getting married much, much later than the days of pre-World War 2.  Also, the way we get married has changed with many people choosing licensed venues and the popularity of the traditional Church wedding declining.  My wife and I were married back in 2003 (yes, just celebrated our 10 year anniversary) and at the time the Church option was, well, the only one for us as our Register office was a modern building which was a little uninspiring.  Let’s just say the church felt a lot more special.  However, we did want to get married in a local historic house, in fact we wanted to get married outside in the ornamental gardens.  With beautiful views across the lake and an abundance of greenery around us it was special for a number of reasons.  We had walked there with family while in the earlier days of our relationship and we’d always felt a special affinity towards it.

Ultimately, there is a lot more choice for today’s Bride & Groom which can be bewildering.  But if you’ve managed to find somewhere that means something special to you where you can have your ceremony then that’s an important first step in cultivating your dream wedding day,  a little bit of Love (and money) takes care of the rest!


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